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"After one lesson with you I took my first 1st place. Your style of teaching really works!!"
~Brian Lopez

"After spending time with Terry and doing a few lessons I am now at the top of my class. He has taught me so much about MX it is unbelievable."
~Jake Scully

"Look at what you gave me.....my very first holeshot!!!!! Thank you sooo much!!!!"
~Amanda, Racing Beginner

"After my first hour with Terry he had identified 2 major flaws in my riding technique. 2 laps later I felt like I was making progress again so I could ride faster. Being comfortable on the bike makes all the difference in the world."
~Kris, Racing Beginner

"I had a great time on Saturday and I learned allot. I went out to carnegie and practiced the things you taught me. I was able to pass every one out there on a 85 or under and some slow, old guys too. and I was able to clear two jumps that I couldn't be before because I could get into the power band with using the clutch, I can jump almost twice as far and I have more throttle control. thanks I can't wait till my next lesson."
~Sincerely Jon Smith

Our 15 year old daughter, Amanda Kutchera, started racing in June,2003. She had not had any training or lessons racing a motorcycle. After her racing for about 4 months, she had a major crash. Prior to the crash, we felt the time was coming for her to start considering lessons because she was going allot faster than when she started. We knew we did not have the tools to take her to the next level that she obviously seemed ready for. Once her crash happened, we immediately began our search for a good pro in our area. Our nephew was taking lessons from a Motocross Pro by the name of Terry Bostard. We immediately scheduled lessons weekly. Our daughter LOVES Terry. His training techniques have given Amanda the confidence and skills which have reduced her lap times making her extremely competitive in her class. His positive energy and excitement for what you are learning makes the lessons so enjoyable and yet he definitely pushes her to that perfect point of pressure that you need for Motocross racing. Now our 8 year old son Michael has started lessons with Terry, and let me tell you, one lesson on his 50cc KTM and Michael is in first place with the Mutant Motor Sports Series in the 50 beginner class. Terry Bostard is a big impact in our lives with our kids racing and all the lessons, we owe our confidence we take to the track, to Terry. WE LOVE YOU TERRY!!!
~The Kutchera Family

Here is a list of our current Students:

Bruno Moreda 12
Marcus Nimms 83
Adam fink AMA Pro 679
Hunter Cross 71
Matt Harden 401
Brandon Whitaker 670
Zach Andrade 33
Zach Cox 100
Will McDonough 527

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